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Shobhit Rastogi ( RW5803 )

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Shobhit's Basic details

  • Name :
    Shobhit Rastogi
    Age :
    31 years
  • Height :
    5ft 9in
    Weight :
    88 kg
  • Mother Tongue :
    Marital Status :
  • Skin Tone :
    Body type :
  • Eating Habit :
    Drinking :
  • Blood Group :
    Smoking :
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    Shobhit's Hobbies :
    Lets discuss hobbies later

About Shobhit

  • Hi , this is shobhit . I am decent , straight forward, honest, sincere , loving and caring guy aged 29 as on today 13.10.2019 .I still have four papers left to become a chartered accountant. I have been not giving papers recently .My father had demised in 2000, I live with my mom in hauz khas in a two bedroom appartment. My mom and me are well settled in delhi. We both work together. We are engaged in services related to finance . Me and my mom both work together. We jointly earn around 14 to 20 lacs per annum . Although our business is going well since five years , but even if there are few rough roads ahead , my chartered accountancy career would help me keep a good flow of income to sustain a family. I have realized that it is a high time for me to marry. I am keen in bringing a third member in the family. These days i can feel a void in my home, and looking forward a lifelong member to share my life with. My elder sis is married to a CA and right now settled in dubai. My father was also a practising ca. My family ,including my sister is chilled out and very liberal. The only expectation i have is that once marriage is done, the girl accepts us as her family and is committed to it. We all have little fights with out siblings, parents . But this doesnt mean that the relation comes to end. On similar line the girl and i both have to completely accept the relation and be dedicated to keep it strong for entire life , empowered by honesty, respect and fidelity.

Religious information

  • Religion :
    Caste :
  • Sub Caste :
    Not Available
    Star :
  • Manglik :
    Gothra :
  • Horoscope :
    Does Not Matter
    Moonsign :
    Does not matter

Location information

  • Country :
    Residence Status :
  • State :
    New Delhi (NCR/NCT)
    City :

Shobhit's Education / Profession information

  • Education:
    CA Final
  • Employed in:
    Occupation :
    Accounts / Tax / Audit
  • Annual Income:
    Rs 10,00,001 - 15,00,000

Shobhit's Family details

  • Family Type :
    Seperate Family
    Family Status :
    Middle Class
  • Father Name :
    Late Raj Kapoor Rastogi
    Mother Name :
    Smt. Sunita Rastogi
  • Father Occupation :
    Late Charterered Accountant
    Mother Occupation :
    Business Women
  • No. of Brothers :
    No. of Sisters :
  • Married Brothers :
    No married brother
    Married Sisters :
    No married sister
  • About My Family :
    We are a liberal , unorthodox , forward looking , modern day family

Basic Preferences

  • Looking For :
    Age Preference :
    23 to 30 years
  • Expectations :
    Not Available
    Height Preference :
    5ft 3in to 5ft 11in
  • Mother Tongue :
    Body Type :
  • Eating Habit :
    Smoking :
  • Drinking :
    Skin Tone :

Religious Preferences

  • Religion :
    Caste :
  • Star :
    Manglik :

Education / Profession Preferences

  • Education :
    Designation :
  • Annual Income :
    Does not matter
    Occupation :
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Location Preferences

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