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Abhinav Rastogi weds Alpana Rastogi
Wedding Date: 30/06/2017    
Abhinav and Alpana, would like to convey our special thanks to rastogi world for making us finding each other and becoming a partner for life.

It would not have been possible, if rastogi world would not been there.

We wish all the match-finders all the very best in their happy finding ahead. May you get made for each other partner like ours and our special kudos to rastogi world team.


Abhinav Rastogi weds Alpana Rastogi
Wedding Date: 30/06/2017    
We would like to convey our special thanks to Rastogi World for making us found each other.
Match making would not have been much simpler, if rastogi world would not have been there.
We wish best of luck to all in their findings and kudos to rastogi world team.

Ashish Rastogi weds Kinjal
Wedding Date: 22/11/2015    
Thanks www.rastogiworld.com for matrimonial services and helping us in getting a perfect match.
ashish and kinjal

Vaibhav weds Abhigya
Wedding Date: 13/06/2015    
We met on RastogiWORLD.com. We took time to understand each other & after some time we realize that we are made for each other. Our marriage is on 13th june 2015. We sincerely convey our thanks to Abhishek rastogi -admin for this site and all team.

Great going!! Long live RASTOGI WORLD .com

Abhigya & Vaibhav

Sarvesh weds Shipra
Wedding Date: 20/07/2015    
Thanks to Rastogiworld.com,this is an excellent website We have ever visited in our Rastogi community. A big thanks to Vikas and whole team of rastogiworld.com for getting us a life partner of our choice.

Get yourself registered at this site & get your soul mate very soon, good luck!

Shipra - Sarvesh Rastogi

Avinash Rastogi weds Aishwarya Rastogi
Wedding Date: 14/02/2015    
We, Avinash and Aishwarya, now united in holy ring ceremoney on 14th of Feb 2015 and would like to express our gratitude to the RastoWORLD.com team for carrying out this noble task of running the biggest and the most successful matrimonial website for Rastogis.

We hope, that the this site keep doing good matching the pairs like our, we recommend you to become paid members and use this website at its best.

Thanks to all members

Ankur Rastogi weds Lekha Rohatgi
Wedding Date: 17/02/2015    
RASTOGIworld.com is strongly recommended for every Rastogi Rustagi Rohatgi looking for matrimonial alliances. Proud to be a part of esteemed institution RASTOGI WORLD.com.... thanks again!

-Ankur-Lekha :-)

Shresth Rastogi weds trashi
Wedding Date: 11/02/2015    
Thanks www.rastogiworld.com for matrimonial services and helping us in getting a perfect match.

-Shresth Rastogi

Smit Rustagi weds Rekha Rustagi
Wedding Date: 23/02/2015    
Thanks www.rastogiworld.com for matrimonial services and helping us in getting a perfect match.


Parag Rastogi weds Rashi Rohatgi
Wedding Date: 09/03/2015    
Wonderfully thanks from core of my heart, this website is doing really good service. No matter if you are a paid member or free member, you will continuously receiving marriage proposals.

Strongly recommended for all, we feel proud to be a part of this esteemed RASTOGI WORLD.... thanks

-Parag_Rashi :-)

Akshay weds Yashika
Wedding Date: 25/01/2015    
Thanks Rastogiworld.com and Vikas who helped me alot in searching perfect match for me. I appraise full team of rastogi samaj world who made it possible. Also, i personally met Abhishek ji owner of this website at the marriage ceremony at Rajwada Farms, Meerut. RastogiWorld has profile less than anyother matrimonial site but profiles are relevant and geniuin here. Though, I found few profiles whose marriage already been fixed but not yet deleted from website.

Thanks once again!
AK Rastagi

Shalin weds Sakshi
Wedding Date: 21/01/2015    
It gives me immens pleasure in announcing this that marriage of our daughter Sakshi Rastogi has been successfully celebrated on January 21, 2015 at Hotel Shree, Meerut, just beacuse of this website rastogiworld.com. Great job RastogiWorld, i highly recommend this site to all.

Many Thanks & Regards,
PC Rastagi & Vimla Rastogi

Rahul weds Rashi
Wedding Date: 21/12/2014    
Thanks Rastogi World for the unmatchable services provided to samaaj. I bought One year paid membership (of Rs.3600/) for my son Rahul Rastogi in Aug 2014 and I was provided with so many matching alerts emails and sms. Amazing work from Rastogiworld. Keep it up!!!! Welldone!!
Regards, Ravi Kant Rastogi

Harsh Rastogi weds Mala Rastogi
Wedding Date: 14/02/2015    
Hello RastogiWorld, After a long search in various matrimonial sites / magazines and Newspapers for a Groom for my Daughter, I finally landend on this wonderful website - http://rastogiworld.com. I came to know about this portal from one of my family friend, who also used Rastogiworld.com platform for his both the children's marriage. It took me 8 months and 3 weeks on this site to find a suitable and perfect match for my daughter. I am very much thankful to Vikas ji, Abhishek ji and all team associated with www.RastogiWorld.com, who helped me alot in this goal.

Thanks & Regards,
Uday Rastogi (Father of Mala)

Prateek weds Nidhika
Wedding Date: 18/01/2015    
Thanks RastogiWorld.com and Team. Because of this website we could have met. Once again, a big thanks to all the efforts, KUDOS TO ALL DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY who made this portal live and running.

Thanks & Regards,
Prateek Rohatgi & Nidhika Rohatgi

Nipun weds Anupreksha
Wedding Date: Yet to be decided    
We are thankful to all team behind the scene of www.RastogiWorld.com, Vikas, Abhishek ji and others, who really made it possible. Its nice to see Rastogis aka Harish Chandra Bandhus samaj people are now on such a wide platform on http://www.Rastogiworld.com and FaceBook for Harischandra Samaj. Regards,
Anupreksha Rastogi & CA Nipun Rastogi

Pramod Kr. weds Anjali
Wedding Date: Yet to be decided    
Thanks www.RastogiWorld.com for the service. It was so wonderful to have such platform for Harischandra Samaj.

Pramod Kumar & Anjali

Rohit Rastogi weds Shilpi Rastogi
Wedding Date: 22/06/2014    
I am very much gratefull for your kind cooperation. Further, I would like to inform the my daughter Km. Shilpi Rastogi (Profile ID-1673) has been married with Mr. Rohit Rastogi, Delhi on dated 22.06.2014.

With regards,

Manish Chandra Rastogi

Viranchi weds Stuti Vaish
Wedding Date: 30/11/2013    
Thanks RastogiWorld.com we (Virachi + Stuti) got married on 30 Nov 2013 at Vrinda gardens noida.
Your team deserves a big round of applaud.

-Viranchi & Stuti

Sagar Rastogi weds Sonam Rastogi
Wedding Date: 17/02/2014    
We were paid members to RastogiWorld.com matrimonial service and we found each other because of this website. We must thankful to www.RastogiWorld.com for the extremely helpful service they are providing.
We recommend it to all RastogiRustagi Rohatgi friends.

Sagar * Sonam

Rahul Rastogi weds Neha Rastogi
Wedding Date: 27/01/2014    
Dear RastogiWorld.com
Thanks for the right match. Rahul weds Neha(I.D 1818) on27 Jan 2014 at Allahabad

Thanking you,
Santosh Rastogi

Dushyant weds Anshika
Wedding Date: 14/02/2014    
Dear Abhishek ji, it is you & your staff which help us select life partner for my son Dushyant.
We thanks for that. It is a very wonderful job u have done for the Rastogi's. We again thanks to you.

Anshika Agarwal & Dushyant engaged 0n 2nd Feb 2014.

-Santosh Rastogi

Shikhar weds Pooja
Wedding Date: 29/01/2014    
Woww, Got a perfect match for my brother within few days of registering on this website.
Thanks for the most admiring matrimonial services for the Rastogi Rustagi Rohatgi Community. This site is really rocking now.

Prashant weds Avanita
Wedding Date: 31/01/2014    
Thank you RastogiWorld.com for wonderful match.
Wishing whole www.RastogiWorld.com team a very success in future.

-Prashant & Avanita

Ashutosh Rastogi weds Sarthikha Rastogi
Wedding Date: 25/11/2013    
Hi all, with the help of this website www.rastogiworld.com, i found my soulmate. thanks for all the team members of rastogiworld. your rock team!!

Divanshu Rohatgi weds Shailee Rohatgi
Wedding Date: 14/02/2014    
We (Divanshu & Shailee) must recommend this website http://rastogiworld.com to all our relatives and friends and all our near and dear one.
For matrimonial alliance within our community, one must register on this website and atleast give it a try.
Divanshu & Shailee

Arpit weds Mukta
Wedding Date: 15/07/2013    
Hi i am from lucknow, after a long search in various other matrimonial sites and magazine at last we (Arpit & Mukta) met using Rastogiworld.com and our parents also met each others families and today we are a happily married couple.

Thanks to all, may God bless all members of RastogiWorld.com

-Mukta Rastogi & Arpit Rastogi

Vaibhav Rastogi weds Poonam Rustagi
Wedding Date: 17/06/2013    
Dear Rastogworld.com, I am very thankful to you as I got my wonderful life partner Poonam, from Delhi. I had membership of Jeevansathi and Bharatmatrimony also, but there were less options to search within the Rastogi Rustagi Rohatgi community, but since the day i bought membership of RastogiWorld.com i am flooded with too many profiles. Very soon i got an interest from Poonam's side and i accepted her interest. Our temperament matches and our likes and dislikes also.
Thanks Abhishek and all Rastogiworld team.
-Vaibhav & Poonam

Sachin Rastogi weds Neetu Rustagi
Wedding Date: 25/02/2014    
Thanks to all who took initiative to build this website for us. Wish you all a great success in future.
-Sachin & Neetu

Navneet Rastogi weds Shruti Rastogi
Wedding Date: 19/01/2014    
Hi All, today 29-07-2013, we Navneet Rastogi and Shruti Rastogi got engaged happily just because of www.RastogiWorld.com and Abhishek Bhai.
I am very thankful to RastogiWorld.com, just after my Amul MasterChef prog on zee tv, i registered & become a paid member and with in 1 month, i am engaged. I sent interest in Shruti's Profile and we and our families met each other, we found ourselves as "Made for each other".
Thanks to all in www.RastogiWorld.com team to create such a wonderful online platform for HarishChandra Bandhus.
-Navneet Rastogi & Shruti Rastogi

Anshu Rastogi weds Nitika Rastogi
Wedding Date: 26/12/2013    
We are thankful to rastogiworld (Abhishek Rastogi) because of which we (Anshu & Nitika Rastogi) got engaged in June 2013. Our Marriage date is not yet fixed.
Once again Thanks to all Team of RastogiWorld.com for creating such a wonderful website for our samaaj.

-Anshu & Nitika

Mayur Rastogi weds Samiksha Rastogi
Wedding Date: 25/12/2013    
We Mayur & Samiksha got engaged in June 2013. Marriage date not yet fixed.
Big Thanks to Team RastogiWorld.com

-Mayur & Samiksha

Abhishek weds Sonal
Wedding Date: 14/02/2013    
I Expressed Interest in Sonal profile on Rastogiworld.com and she also liked my profile. We both found our likes and dislikes matches each other and we know a happily married couple. Wedding was on 14th Feb 2013
Jodiyan to bahgwaan banata hai par neeche Rastogiworld.com jaisi site milwati hain.

Thanks for the wonderful service provided by this site. SMS alerts and email alerts are wonderful as due to less time in busy my schedule i couldnot login daily into the site, so these sms and emails helps me alot.
Paid membership is a better option. I would recommend this site to all my relatives.

- Abhishek Rastogi

Ravi Rastogi weds Rachna Rastogi
Wedding Date: 09/12/2011    
My parents expressed interest in him.(Ravi Rastogi).he replied..our parents had communication with each other..we found suitable match for each other and finally our parents decided to make us as one...
We got married on 9th of Dec'11, and at present i am living in Hong Kong with my husband. Thanks to rastogiworld.com..
As because of this site we could have met each other.

Ravi Bansal weds Priyanka Rastogi
Wedding Date: 08/06/2012    
We met through Rastogi World and liked each other and felt that We are best match for each other. Our families met again and on the second meeting we exchanged Rings and marriage date is on Friday 8th June 2012.
Thanks to Abhishek Rastogi and all team. This Site is a really nice effort for Rastogis to join

Thanks :-)
Priyanka Rastogi Bansal

Naveen Rustagi weds Supriya Rustagi
Wedding Date: 05/12/2012    
We and our Families are very happy to met on RastogiWorld.com.
It was not easy to find a match within HarishChandra Bandhu Community but thanks to creator of this Matrimonial space, because of this it was very easy to find each other.

Naveen Rustgi

Vaibhav weds Ruchi
Wedding Date: 28/01/2010    
Thanks to RastogiWorld.com for helping me such a wonderful match!!

With Love
-Vaibhav Rastogi & Ruchi Rastogi

Prafful weds Neha
Wedding Date: 20/06/2009    
We and our families are thankful to Rastogiworld.com team for their efforts to start such a podium. My family visited Neha familiy on 30th Aug'09 and fixed match. Wedding date will be decided soon.

With Thanks & Regards
Praful & Neha

Jatin weds Divya Rastogi
Wedding Date: 06/11/2011    
Dear Abhishek ji, this site has given an exellent match for my daughter (divya rastogi).

All members of the team deserve appriciation. i also convey lot of thanks to all.

Ravish weds Kushi Rastogee
Wedding Date: 20/12/2009    
One fine day, a mail received to me from RastogiWorld.com, claiming its a special matrimonial site for HarishChandra samajh people. I saw Kushi's profile and was interested in her. To contact her I became a FREE registered member of this site and contacted her. Her parents visited my family. Both families met once again and discussed the alliance. Today we are happily engaged couple, and our marriage date is yet to be finalize. Thanks to RastogiWorld Team for finding my dream partner. I hope more people benefit from this site like we did. Thank you once again.

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