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You are here: Home > News > Dr. Pradeep Rohatgi receives 2013 Fellow Award from Materials Research Society (MRS), on April 3, 2013
News : Dr. Pradeep Rohatgi receives 2013 Fellow Award from Materials Research Society (MRS), on April 3, 2013
Posted by: Umesh Rashmi Rohatgi   |   Posted on: 16/04/2013   |   Views: 3602   |    382 Likes
Dr. Rohatgi receives the 2013 Fellow Award from the Materials Research Society (MRS), on April 3, 2013

The Materials Research Society (MRS) has awarded Fellowship to Pradeep Rohatgi, a Distinguished Professor of Materials engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) and director of the centers for composites and advanced materials manufacture, for sustained leadership in research on solidification synthesis and characterization of metal matrix composites, pioneering initiatives in technology and product development, education, materials policy, and institution building. The award was announced on April 3 at the 2013 Spring meeting of the Materials research Society in San Francisco, California.

Rohatgi received this award for his internationally recognized leadership in research on the solidification processing of metal matrix composites, natural fiber composites, and his outstanding contributions to education, technology development, institution building, and materials policy.

Rohatgi is internationally recognized as a world leader on solidification synthesis of metal matrix composites, and promotion of advanced materials research. He has made fundamental contributions on the interaction between solidifying interfaced and particles, nucleation and growth, and micro segregation in solidifying alloys in the presence of reinforcements. He also established the mechanisms of solid lubrication by incorporating solid lubricant particles, leading to self lubricating metal matrix composites. In addition, he demonstrated the superior strength and wear characteristics of Al-SiC composites and developed theories for solidification structure formation in these alloys. He followed this basic research with synthesis of several new metal matrix composites, conducting technology and product development that resulted in widespread use of these composites in the transportation sector, electromechanical machinery, and thermal management applications. The uses of lightweight composites developed by him are leading to savings of large amounts of energy in transportation systems.

He is currently a University of Wisconsin as well as the State of Wisconsin Distinguished Professor in the Materials Department of the College of Engineering & Applied Science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM). He also serves as the founding Director of the UWM Center for Composites, and the new Center for Advanced Materials Manufacture. He has also served as Ford/Briggs and Stratton Professor at UW-Milwaukee. Through his exemplary leadership he has made a significant impact on his profession and the larger society.

Dr. Rohatgi was born in Kanpur, India, received his bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical Engineering in 1961 from Banaras University, India, and the degree of Doctor of Science in Metallurgy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1964. He worked as a research scientist at the Merica Research Lab of the International Nickel Company (1964-68) where he first synthesized metal matrix composites, and then at the Bethlehem Steel Research Laboratory (1969-72). He was a full professor for a period of five years at the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore and visiting faculty at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, prior to joining CSIR, India, where he served as the Founder Director of two stand alone national laboratories; the National Institute of Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (Trivandrum) and the Advanced Materials and Processes Research Institute (Bhopal). He has served on numerous committees of government of India and the US Government and promotes collaboration between industries and organizations in India and US. He has been a consultant to the World Bank and the United Nations on materials policy.

He has published more than 300 papers in refereed journals on materials science, over 170 papers in proceedings, sixty papers on materials policy, and co-authored and co-edited eight books. He has been granted 20 U.S. Patents and several additional patents worldwide; many of the new composites synthesized by him are now being manufactured and used by industries including the automotive, aerospace, computer hardware and recreational equipment industry conserving energy and environment. His students now lead private corporations, national labs, departments in educational institutions and industries.

His research on green materials includes lightweight self lubricating materials to conserve energy in transportation, lead free copper composites for plumbing industry, and the use of fly ash (a waste by-product of power generation) for the synthesis of ultra light, energy-absorbing and self healing composites. The uses for the composites he has developed are numerous and far reaching. The metal matrix syntactic foams he has developed have biomedical uses, such as in artificial joints, in addition to energy absorbing applications. His recent interests include biomometic autonomous materials including self healing, self cleaning, and self lubricating materials on which he has recently coauthored a book.

Dr. Rohatgi is a fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India); Institute of Ceramics (India), American Society of Metals (USA), Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (London), American Association for Advancement of Arts and Sciences, Third World Academy of Science (Italy); American Society of Mechanical Engineers (USA), Society of Automotive Engineers (USA), Society of Manufacturing Engineers (USA), The Materials and Metals Society ( TMS,USA) and now the Materials Research Society (MRS). He has also received numerous awards for excellence in research including recent awards: ASME Innovative Research Award in Tribology (2010), American Foundry Society and Foundry Education Foundation, Distinguished Professor Award (2010), and the Engineers and Scientists of Milwaukee Engineer of the Year Award (2011).

Category: News | Umesh Rashmi Rohatgi | Posted on: 16/04/2013
Keywords: Dr. Pradeep Rohatgi, receives 2013 Fellow Award from, Materials Research Society, RastogiWorld, Umesh Rashmi Rohatgi, Rastogi, Rustagi Rohatgi, Dublish, Rohtash, HarischChandraBandhu

Posted by: Umesh Rashmi Rohatgi   |   Posted on: 16/04/2013   |   Views: 3602   |    382 Likes   |   Like it





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